As part of the planning application for the Lisheen III Wind Farm development, TOBIN Consulting Engineers were commissioned to carry out a Site-Specific Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) of the proposed works. The FRA has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines produced by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government (DoEHLG) The Planning System and Flood Risk Management Guidelines for Planning Authorities, 2009.

The 8 No. turbine wind farm is located approximately 3km west of Crosspatrick village with the turbine layout lying within two counties; Co. Kilkenny and Co. Laois. The works also included a proposed 20kV cable to connect the proposed Lisheen III Wind Farm to the existing Lisheen 110 kV sub-station located 3km southwest of the proposed development and associated access track within Killoran, Co. Tipperary.

The flood risk assessment for the wind farm was prepared by assessing the extent of the catchments which had the potential to be impacted upon by the proposed development. The history of flooding in the existing environment was then examined and any potential increase in the risk of flooding due to the proposed wind farm development was estimated.

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