EirGrid identified the need to reinforce the electricity network in the Grange Castle area of west Dublin, which was evolving as a major centre for hi-tec, power-dependent companies. Consequently, given the nature and activities of these companies, it was critical to ensure a secure, reliable and adequate provision of electricity to the west Dublin area.

This new demand couldn’t be accommodated by the previously existing grid network, as it has reached its supply capacity. EirGrid planned to reinforce the electricity supply in the Grange Castle area of west Dublin, south of Adamstown, County Dublin through the West Dublin 220/110 kilovolts (kV) Substation and Associated Works project.

TOBIN Consulting Engineers were commissioned to carry out a Flood Risk Assessment to assess this proposed project. Potential sources of flood risk were identified and evaluated during Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the project in accordance with the Planning System and Flood Risk Management (PSFRM) Guidelines for Planning Authorities (November 2009).

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Lisheen Wind Farm