TOBIN has operated in the Irish Engineering Industry as a multidisciplinary practice for over 70 years, championing Core Values that align with the company’s drive to provide a high-quality service for its clients, employees, and the end-users of its projects.

Environmental Social Governance standards which our company subscribe to affect operations across our business. Through the development and implementation of Sustainable Strategies, Health and Safety Policies, Audited ISO Standard Operating Procedures, Project Management Procedures, and Employee Engagement Initiatives, we in TOBIN have a well-defined ESG system that works as a tool to support the company’s long-term strategy: growth in a conscious manner. Conscious of our responsibility towards the environment, conscious of our responsibility in taking care of our staff, and conscious of our responsibility for the delivery of high-quality, sustainable projects to both our clients and the communities in which they are developed.

To consciously develop and grow in today’s industry, we in TOBIN conduct every aspect of our business in alignment with our Core Values. Each Core Value is championed by a Senior Member of staff who is responsible for its advocacy across our business. These Core Values are:



We recognise that the integration of environmentally sustainable activities across each of the sectors of our business is a key contributor to the growth of TOBIN. We have committed to developing an Environmental Management System that manages our approach to the delivery of TOBIN services across our offices and our projects. This system is accredited to ISO 14001 standards.

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