TOBIN Consulting Engineers were commissioned by Elgin Energy to carry out a Flood Risk Assessment on a solar farm located in County Kilkenny approximately 2km west of Ballyragget Town. The Flood Risk Assessment was carried out in accordance with a stage 2 Initial Flood Risk Assessment as defined by The Planning System and Flood Risk Management Guidelines for Planning Authorities (2009) as follows:

“To confirm sources of flooding that may affect a plan area or proposed development site, to appraise the adequacy of existing information and to scope the extent of the risk of flooding which may involve preparing indicative flood zone maps. Where hydraulic models exist the potential impact of a development on flooding elsewhere and of the scope of possible mitigation measures can be assessed. In addition, the requirements of the detailed assessment should be scoped.”

Due to the proximity of the site to the Ballyconra Stream, the Lisdowney Stream and the River Nore fluvial flooding was identified as a potential risk to the proposed development.

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Lisheen Wind Farm