The Civil I Design Build I Water (CDBW) Division within TOBIN Consulting Engineers is widely recognised as one of the leading experts in the areas of Flood Management and Flood Protection. Our project portfolio includes residential, commercial, industrial, energy, transport and recreational/amenity type developments.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to assess and mitigate the risk of flooding to proposed developments at the very earliest stage in a project’s life cycle where hydraulic modelling is required. We also have the in-house capability to survey river channels ourselves and simulate various flood scenarios. This offers potential cost and time savings to our clients.

In instances where parts of a proposed site or an existing development carry a risk of flooding, our team can propose measures to mitigate against this risk. This may involve adjusting the layout of the proposed development to move sensitive elements outside/above the flood level, or the construction of hard/soft engineering defences.

Featured Project Examples

Letterkenny Flood Risk Mitigation

In July 2013, following intense rainfall in the area, flooding occurred in parts of Letterkenny General Hospital. The source of the flood water was a local stream known as the Sprackburn Tributary (a tributary of the River Swilly), which runs towards the hospital and enters a 1350mm diameter circular culvert running through the hospital grounds.

Lisheen Wind Farm

Lisheen Wind Farm

As part of the planning application for the Lisheen III Wind Farm development, TOBIN Consulting Engineers were commissioned to carry out a Site-Specific Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) of the proposed works. The FRA has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines produced by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government (DoEHLG) The Planning System and Flood Risk Management Guidelines for Planning Authorities, 2009.

Dunkellin River & Aggard Stream Flood Relief

Following the intense flooding of the Dunkellin River in November 2009, TOBIN was appointed to design a scheme to alleviate flooding between Craughwell and Kilcolgan in County Galway.

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