With some seven decades of ‘on-the-ground’ experience in the built environment, TOBIN’s Civil I Design Build I Water (CDBW) Division has considerable experience of working with clients on ‘off market’ development opportunities and site development assignments.

Our CDBW Division is highly experienced in assisting both public and private clients in identifying and assessing (due diligence (technical and financial)) a wide range of land types (urban, rural and other) and land areas (up to 500 acres) which are suited to the client’s needs in relation to location, size and the end-user’s actual requirements. Following the site identification and assessment stages, the CDBW Division provide all of the necessary services from this point on to open up the lands for the development of the project.

Featured Project

Site Identification (Private Client)

In this project, TOBIN was tasked with identifying suitable land banks in the Dublin area, cognisant of the factors that has made Dublin the leading Irish hub for life science, biopharma, and other major industries.

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