With over seven decades of extensive and notable experience in both Ireland and the UK, TOBIN has a solid and reliable reputation in the areas of Built Environment Engineering Services, Specialist Design Build Services , Water Engineering Services and HAZOP Services. 

We are very proud of our well-earned position in the industry having delivered multiple large-scale Civil Engineering and Built Environment assignments across a number of key sectors, where we have developed specialist expertise in Design Build solutions as part of this offering. Furthermore, the TOBIN name is also synonymous in water and wastewater where we have been responsible for essential infrastructure at every scale in both urban and rural environments across Ireland and the UK.

Through the extensive experience gained when finding real and workable solutions for our clients for these past seven decades, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise that we consistently bring forward to every new project we are entrusted with.

Civil & Structural Engineering – Major

Civil & Structural Engineering – Minor


Contractor Design (Design Build)

design build

Flood Management & Flood Protection

flood management

Temporary Works Coordination

temporary works

Resident Engineering Services

resident engineer

Wastewater Treatment Design

Wastewater Discharge Licensing

Wastewater Discharge Licensing

Water Treatment Design

Water Treatment Design

Pumping Station & Rising Main Design

Health and Safety / PSDP


Peer Reviewing Services

peer review



project research



Site Feasibility and Site

Development Services

Public Realm &

Urban Regeneration

Greenway / Blueway /

Recreational Trails

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