Joao MartinsSenior Ecologist - Environment & Planning

    Joao is a Senior Ecologist with 13 years’ experience in ecological research, monitoring and impact assessment in Germany, Portugal and Ireland.

    Joao has a background in freshwater ecology, having been part of monitoring teams for the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), as well as in several other projects of scientific nature, dealing with a range of ecological issues, such as: river regulation, river fragmentation, catchment management, nutrient enrichment, protected species pressures and threats, and invasive species.

    He has also extensive experience in the management, production and delivery of Appropriate Assessments (AA), Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA), Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR), pre- and post-construction Ecological Monitoring Reports and Habitat Management Plans for projects with potential ecological and environmental impacts, aquatic and terrestrial.

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