TOBIN Consulting Engineers was appointed to secure planning permission for the Mothel Solar Farm in Co. Waterford. The proposed development consists of an up to 30 megawatt (MW) solar farm comprising photovoltaic panels on ground mounted frames.

The application involved the preparation of a number of statutory planning documents and supporting environmental and engineering reports including the following: Planning Application Form, Public Newspaper and Site Notices and statutory Planning Application Drawings; Appropriate Assessment Screening Statement; and a comprehensive Planning and Environmental Report and associated Figures and Appendices, with detailed Ecological Assessment; Flood Risk Analysis; Traffic Impact Assessment; Hydrogeological Review; Archaeological Assessment; Noise and EMF Assessment, and Co-ordination of specialist Landscape and Glint and Glare Studies.

Each assessment was undertaken following a site visit by the relevant specialist to identify and assess any potential environmental and engineering constraints at the location of the Mothel Solar Farm. The assessments were also informed by direct consultation with Waterford City and County Council.

Mothel Solar Farm

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