Roscommon Town (IEAG_402) is listed under the EU Pilot Case 4058.12 ENVI and Infringement No. 2013/2056 dated 27th September 2013. It was proposed to upgrade the existing sewer network and WWTP. The proposed development would constitute upgrade works on the existing wastewater collection system in Roscommon Town, otherwise referred to as the Roscommon Town Main Drainage Scheme. The overall objectives of the upgrade works were to:

  • Reduce the impact of spills from existing Storm Water Overflows;
  • Address existing hydraulic constraints within the existing collection network; and
  • Provide adequate infrastructure for the planned development of Roscommon Town.

A Screening for Appropriate Assessment and Natura Impact Assessment was carried out. The source-receptor-pathway model revealed one qualifying interest habitat of the Lough Ree SAC that, in lieu of mitigation, is considered to potentially be at risk of adverse effects from the proposed development. The project was designed to ensure that during the operation phase, water quality from the SWO discharge was in compliance with waste water Directive standards, thereby improving the River Hind/Jiggy habitat and ensuring the protection of European Sites downstream. Following Mitigation, it was determined that there would be no risk of adverse effects on the qualifying interest habitats and species or on overall site integrity, nor in the attainment of their specific conservation objectives for the Lough Ree SAC.

Roscommon Town Main Drainage Upgrade


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