TOBIN is employed by the Housing Agency to carry out surveys of properties which will be used to ease the current homelessness shortage in Ireland.

The Housing Agency was set up in May 2010 to work with and support –

  • local authorities
  • approved housing bodies, and
  • the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government

–  in the delivery of housing and housing services.

The vision for the project is to enable everyone to live in good quality, affordable homes in sustainable communities. The main services we provide are: technical  expertise, innovation and sustainable based solutions to the problems encountered. The project aims to make a real contribution to Health & Happiness to the end users, and to make a real difference to peoples’ lives by promoting sustainable communities. By renovating and reusing existing houses, we are replenishing the supply chain via supply through promotion of quality and sustainability in housing delivery and management. We are aiming for zero carbon emission of properties by promoting sustainable energy and increased insulation requirements. By enabling more people from an area to find accommodation within the locality, we are aiming to improve on the cultural and heritage needs of the community.


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