A rare opportunity exists in Mildenhall to bring together a range of public services on one site, making access easier and cutting costs. A project group, involving the potential partners, is now finalizing plans to create a ‘Mildenhall Hub’ with a view to approving funding and submitting a planning application in 2017 and opening the first facilities by 2020.

Culture and Community
The Mildenhall Hub project has been created specifically to bring together multiple public and community facilities in one location benefiting accessibility, efficiency, and economy. Sports facilities, emergency services, libraries, an academy school and council office accommodation shall be located at one location, with outdoor playing fields and recreational space too.

Sustainable Transport
The Mildenhall Hub project shall provide access for cycling and public transport, with limited parking for cars. Pooling public facilities as planned for the hub will reduce the number of journeys involved accessing the variety of public services currently scattered around the town of Mildhenhall, West Suffolk.

Health and Happiness
The Mildhenhall Hub project provides sports facilities made available to the general public. These facilities shall be of a high quality. Swimming, gymnasia, internal sports hall activities, track and field facilities and football fields shall be provided promoting quality facilities for improving health and happiness to the community.

The principles of sustainability (environment, design, economy and social) are at the core of the purpose of the Mildenhall Hub project. The guiding reason for the hub is to make access to public services / facilities convenient for all and to make efficient use of public funds. The engineering provided by the professional team is also incorporating solutions that contribute proactively to reducing the impact on the environment. Ground source heat pumps and anaerobic digestion, sustainable drainage and efficient structural engineering are amongst the topics that are within the solutions for the new elements of the building and its infrastructure.

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