TOBIN Consulting Engineers, recognized for its expertise and knowledge of waste management, in association with a local firm based on Grand Cayman, provides an integrated range of services in wastewater treatment and waste management for the Cayman Islands.

We have forged strong links with our International colleagues designing an engineered landfill for Cayman Brac Island. This project included the design of a Civic Amenity Site at the development, together with the preparation of an EIS / EIA for Local Government to review and the associated Public Consultation. Special consideration was given to climate, ecological issues and leachate management at the proposed site.

The Cayman Islands Government (CIG) has also been faced with the challenge of dealing with Grand Cayman Island’s municipal solid waste (MSW) since the early 1990’s. At that time the disposal site was relatively remote from human activity but it was recognized that as urban development progressed in the surrounding areas, the continuation of waste disposal would create detrimental environmental and human health problems.

TOBIN Consulting Engineers has assumed a central role in assisting with the remediation of an unlined George Town Landfill site on Grand Cayman Island. This has included an assessment of the potential various alternative waste management facilities for the island. TOBIN has also provided strategic advice on the remediation of the current landfill and the restoration of the current site. TOBIN have also provided detailed assessments on the alternative options for Grand Cayman which include a potential waste-to-energy facility, a fully lined and engineered landfill development, composting, recycling, construction and demolition (C&D) waste segregation and also the option of international transportation of waste (shipping) and disposal.

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