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The TOBIN Gold Medal and TOBIN Post Graduate / Scholarship Award for 2018 were presented to Peter McCormack BE.  Both presentations were made at a special Presentation to Students and Awarding of Prizes ceremony at NUI Galway on 16th October 2018.   Peter graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, with 1st class honours.

L-R: Professor Padraic O’Donoghue , Civil Engineering at NUI Galway, Peter McCormack BE, Michael McDonnell Operations Director – Building & Infrastructure, TOBIN Consulting Engineers, Professor Peter McHugh Dean of Engineering, NUI Galway

The medal was awarded to Peter in recognition of his achievement as the student who attained first place in the Civil Engineering examinations in the academic year 2017-2018.  He also received the TOBIN Post Graduate / Scholarship Award as he was the top student in the class and got 1st class honours in each of the four academic years and has decided to return to college to pursue postgraduate studies in the form of a taught Masters in Civil Engineering.

Michael McDonnell, Operations Director – Building & Infrastructure TOBIN, who made the presentations, is himself a former recipient of both the gold medal and the Post Graduate / Scholarship Award.  He received both in 1996 and also completed a research Masters in Engineering Science in 1999.

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