TOBIN Consulting Engineers carried out Designer Services for Stoneyford Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade including flood risk assessment and relocation of infrastructure and M&E equipment above flood level.

The existing wastewater treatment works and mechanical and electrical plant at Stoneyford in Co. Kilkenny was located in a flood risk zone. The treatment Plant also did not meet required environmental standards resulting in inadequately treated wastewater being discharged into the receiving waters. This was particularly important in Stoneyford where the treated wastewater is discharged into the River Nore SAC (Special Area of Conservation).

TOBIN Consulting Engineers were appointed to carry out a preliminary outline design for the Treatment Works at Stoneyford Wastewater Treatment Plant with a design report submitted in February 2012.

The project report was developed into a design that required the development of cost-effective, sustainable, and innovative treatment designed to deliver improved effluent quality standards. As part of the design, a flood risk assessment was undertaken to predict high water flood levels from the adjacent river. All Mechanical and Electrical equipment was designed to be located above the predicted flood level. This required a comprehensive review and analysis of flood risk assessment to support a planning application, design of an energy efficient plant and equipment with reduced necessity for more frequent manual intervention for operation and maintenance. A Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) treatment process was designed for the site, which included the reuse of an existing tank thus negating the need for new infrastructure.

The listed options were designed to ensure that the existing treatment facilities remained operational until the commissioning of the upgraded treatment works, thus ensuring there was no reduction in effluent quality during the construction period which could have adversely affected the receiving waters, two of which are Special Areas of Conservation.

TOBIN Consulting Engineers was responsible for managing the planning, detailed design, contractor procurement, contract administration and handover of the completed project to Irish Water.

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