A new 110kV GIS station is required in the area near Kilbarry, Co. Cork to reduce reliance on the Kilbarry station and to facilitate on-going development in accordance with transmission security of supply standards.

TOBIN in partnership with AECOM have been engaged to carry out design and planning consultation for the development.

A location adjacent to the existing ESB Station and with the land ownership of the ESB has been selected for the new development.

An existing building and shed will need to be demolished to create the space required for the new development.

On completion, this development will increase the flexibility and capacity of the electrical network in the Cork City area, which can help facilitate the addition and distribution of zero carbon renewable electricity in the area.

By selecting a location adjacent to the existing Substation rather than a green field site, the project team are actively reducing the impact of the project from a land use and wildlife point of view.
On completion of the project, the electrical system in the Cork City are will be reinforced and more flexible.

This will allow EirGrid and ESB Networks to carry out maintenance and  operational work with reduced outages both in terms of scale and frequency; for this work to occur currently outages are required which directly affect homes and businesses in the area leading to a direct effect on the local economy.

kilbarry substation

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