Client:  Roadstone Ltd.


Key Facts:

  • Duleek Quarry is located in a primarily agricultural area within the townland of Downestown, Donore, County Meath.
  • Operational since approximately 1950, Duleek Quarry is a limestone quarry owned and operated by Roadstone Ltd., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CRH Plc.
  • The overall quarry is 40 ha in area and the operations focus on supplying high quality stone material to the nearby Irish Cement Plant.


One Planet Principles:  Sustainable Water, Land Use & Wildlife


Project Sustainability:

Duleek Quarry is located within the River Nanny Catchment (Hydrometric Area 07). The closest surface water features are located to the south and east of the quarry.


Infrastructure associated with the active limestone quarry comprises landscaped earthen berms surrounding most of the active quarrying area, offices and associated canteen facilities, settlement lagoons, wheelwash and a weighbridge.


There is one licenced water discharge from the quarry. Surface water management features within Duleek Quarry comprise of a water collection sump swales, series of settlement lagoons and oil water interceptor near the southern entrance of the quarry.


The settlement ponds collect runoff from the quarry hardstand areas and from the wheelwash and following settlement this water is directed to a sump near the entrance and recirculated for use in the wheelwash. An overhead spray is incorporated into the wheelwash. In this way, water is recycled within a closed system and there is no potential impact on the nearby River Nanny. The extensive settlement system is closely monitored by the environmental management team as a result of water discharge from the quarry or suspended solids from vehicles exiting the site.


To support this sustainable water management system and protection of the local and regional environment, Roadstone Ltd. provides ongoing environmental monitoring results to Meath County Council as per the planning conditions imposed on the continued operation of Duleek Quarry.


Roadstone Ltd.  also minimise production of waste and where appropriate consider its beneficial use, including recycling. All waste is dealt with in accordance with the relevant legislation and other controls in place. Good practice is achieved when recycling used oils and greases, batteries, tyres, scrap metal and timber.


The management of the quarry works with nature in maintaining nesting sites for amber listed species which regularly use active quarries such as Sand martins and Peregrine Falcons. Biodiversity is actively maintained and managed in restored area and along the boundary of the site.


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