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TOBIN Consulting Engineers is continuing our long-standing relationship with Bord na Móna and the Drehid Waste Management Facility in County Kildare in the development of municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill infrastructure. Construction work is ongoing (October 2020) at the country’s largest Integrated Waste Management Facility, which has been in operation at the site since 2008, to provide further disposal capacity for municipal waste. The works involve the construction of a groundwater collection system, an engineered basal liner, leachate collection and monitoring infrastructure and a landfill gas collection network for the next Phase of the landfill. A Construction Quality Assurance Validation Report will be submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency following completion of the works for approval to place waste in the new landfill cells. The design and construction of the landfill is being carried out in accordance with the EPA’s Landfill Site Design Manual. The construction works are being carried out by the Coffey Construction Ltd.

TOBIN’s multi-disciplinary team are providing Engineering Design, Tender Document Preparation, PSDP and EPA Engagement support in respect of the MSW landfill development works and are working closely with Bord na Móna at the Drehid Facility to provide critical waste management infrastructure while ensuring maximum protection of the underlying soils and groundwater as well as the wider environment.

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