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ACEI Awards 2017

National Indoor Arena shortlisted for Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland Innovation Award.

TOBIN Consulting Engineers has been shortlisted for the 2017 ACEI Design Excellence Awards in the Innovation Category. Our submission project, the National Indoor Arena, has been whittled down to the last three contenders for this specific award.

ACEI Design Excellence Awards

The National Indoor Arena is the new flagship facility at the National Sports Campus. This fully accessible multi-sport and multi-purpose arena is the newest of its kind in Europe. Built to the highest world class standards and specifications, it will ensure that Ireland has the best facility for indoor sport and events, which can be used by Irish sporting bodies, high performance athletes and the general public. The National Indoor Arena is made up of three separate units: the National Indoor Training Centre (NITC), the National Indoor Athletics Training Centre (NIATC) and the National Gymnastics Training Centre (NGTC).

The winner of this Innovation Category will be announced at the ACEI Awards Dinner ion 31st March 2017.

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