Denis GiraldoCivil Technician - Building & Infrastructure

    Denis holds an honours degree in Technical Architecture/Building Engineering from the University of A Coruña, Spain. He also holds an HNC in the Development and Application of Construction Projects and has been a registered Passivhaus Designer since March 2022.

    Denis has three years experience designing both residential and commercial projects, specialising in passivhaus and sustainable projects. He has a background in project design, particularly in construction and installation design. He’s also experienced in site management and building economics. In November 2022, his final year university project (A Full PassivHaus Restoration of a Traditional Galician House Using CLT) was awarded first prize at the Galician Awards 2021-2022, organised by the General Council of Technical Architects of Galicia.

    He moved to Galway from Santiago de Compostela, Spain at the end of 2022. As a former water polo player, he enjoys swimming, nature and the Irish landscape. He loves music, cinema and cooking, and has recently discovered a passion for rugby.

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