TOBIN Consulting Engineers was requested by the Lambert Smith Hampton, on behalf of the Eyre Square Centre, to examine the roof primarily over the Bank of Ireland and partially over Kinlay House Hostel because of leaking that had occurred. They also prepared tender documents for the repair of the roof as requested.

A joint inspection of the roof was carried out by Denis Maher of TOBIN Consulting Engineers and Shane McGovern of McGovern O’Brien Chartered Surveyors who was present at the request of the Bank of Ireland. In consultation with McGovern O’Brien, TOBIN Consulting Engineers put together a Tender Package for the Works.

TOBIN Consulting Engineers was also requested by Lambert Smith Hampton to inspect cracking in some of the walls of 19 Eyre Square Galway and to report and comment on our findings. The building in question was a listed structure dating back to before 1900. It is identified on the Ordnance Survey Mapping carried out between 1897 and 1913 where it is called the National Bank.

In 1990, part of the site of the Bank, which at that stage was a Bank of Ireland premises, was acquired to form part of the site of the Eyre Square Shopping Centre, and the building was surrounded on three sides by the new shopping centre.

The floor level of the Eyre Square Centre, where it is accessed from Eyre Square on the northwestern side of 19 Eyre Square, is lower than the floor level of the building, and consequently, the sidewall of 19 Eyre Square, was underpinned when the Eyre Square Shopping Centre was being built.
The part of the Eyre Square Centre on the north western side of 19 Eyre Square was redeveloped, and this exposed the previous underpinning carried out to the northern wall of 19 Eyre Square circa 1990. A crack in the region of the stairs was also exposed but it is not clear if this occurred when the wall adjoining wall forming part of the original Eyre Square Centre was being demolished or existed before this work was carried out.

The internal cracking to 19 Eyre Square was recently reported and has revealed following the removal of wallpaper largely in the stairs core area.

Services provided by TOBIN Consulting Engineers on this project:

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