TOBIN Consulting Engineers is responsible for commissioning the required feasibility and survey work, undertaking the drainage design, and for assisting with the contract administration of the public realm works on site in Roscommon Town for this development.

Similar to many towns in Ireland, parts of Roscommon have lost many of its traditional ‘market town’ functions and vehicular traffic and car parking now form the predominant uses within large parts of the town centre. As a result, these areas are car-dominated spaces that are hostile to pedestrians and impact negatively on the
visitor experience, making it a less attractive place in which to live, visit or invest. Furthermore, Roscommon Town has expanded beyond its traditional historic core as a result of low-density out-of-town development such as peripheral retail and industrial uses, low-density housing and other piecemeal development.

The vision now for Roscommon is for the town to grow sustainably by consolidating development within the immediate centre and achieving a critical mass that will help revitalise the town centre, rather than creating further out-of-town sprawl that will continue to diminish the economic viability and character of the town centre. A key part of this overarching vision is also to re-imagine Roscommon Town as a more compact, connected, walkable and sustainable place for people to live, work and visit. The project also provides an opportunity to re-stitch Roscommon’s historic townscape, re-establish some of its traditional outdoor functions as well as create a vibrant functional and meaningful human scale, high-quality public realm for the town centre.

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