TOBIN are supporting Limerick City and County Council in a very ambitious project to rejuvenate and reimagine Limerick’s city centre laneways. Like many other cities in Ireland, Limerick has a history of great Georgian Architectural Heritage and many of these examples remain in the city to the present day. Evident from the 1800’s onwards, much of the city is built in the Georgian fashion, with its long wide and elegant streets and stone-faced offices and townhouses, the Georgian town became the new economic and cultural centre of Limerick. The quality of the public realm has faded over time, however Limerick’s Georgian identity still remains legible and strong to this day. The laneways project is one of a suite of endeavours to reimagine Newtown Pery for the 21st century.

The aim of this development is to transform the area into a desirable place to live; delivering compact, low-carbon growth by boosting the city centre population and, in doing so, attracting businesses to take up vacant units and private investment for refurbishment and development. However, the overall aim is to create city centre public spaces which support a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, including encouraging people to walk and cycle, enhancing access to nature, limiting air and noise pollution, and supporting an active social/community life.

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