The overall purpose of this essential project is the security of Ireland’s electrical network between Cloon in County Galway to Lanesborough in County Longford (and onwards) now and in the future. Without the refurbishment of this essential network, electricity, including the transmission of green energy from renewable sources could not be transported to its required location. The lack of a safe, secure, reliable, economical and efficient national electricity grid has potential to lead to a reliance on outdated energy sources, including fossil fuels. The refurbishment of the existing line will assist in facilitating the market for renewable electricity within Ireland.

The overhead line and supporting structures cross a biological diverse Irish landscape including some of our most valuable habitats including peatlands, woodlands, rivers and even intensively managed agricultural land criss-crossed by hedgerows and stonewalls. These habitats are home to a range of other protected species. An essential element to this project was therefore the protection of the surrounding natural environment. Field surveys were undertaken to safeguard protected flora, fauna and habitats where the occurred, with the project designed to avoid or minimise any potential harmful effects.

The refurbishment of existing powerlines is essential in supporting and developing Ireland’s economy. This project is particular focused on the maintenance and development of Irelands infrastructure across the west and midlands regions.

A vital element of the overall project was developing a channel of open communication with local landowners along the land envelope of the project. Effort was made to meet every landowner across the line with over 87% of landowners met in person by dedicated landowner liaison officers. The two-way channel of commination has increased awareness and clarity on the project through the provision of first hand communication. The ongoing protection of the natural environment throughout the life of the project.

refurbishment of cloon



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