On the 29th of March 2019, TOBIN Consulting Engineers were proud to receive the 2019 Association Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI) Structure Award for their highly anticipated Aran Sweater Market project.

The completion of the Aran Sweater Market project marked an important social, cultural and economic development for the famous Medieval Quarter of Galway. The central and most important component of this project was the design and construction of a two-storey independent frame structure imperative for the retention of the Quay Street and Quay Lane facades. The extensive new build also had to ensure the independent element did not impact on the significant conservation considerations.

The structural cluster consisted of five original properties: number 25 Quay Street with a Cruck Style timber oak roof structure, and numbers 2 to 5 on Quay Lane with a King Post timber roof structure. The new independent frame structure supports two new roofs, a new first floor, and a new internal staircase with walled sections of Galway’s earliest 13th century De Burgo Stone Castle retained and featured within.

Taking an innovative design approach, the engineers were able to ensure the possible future reversibility of all new adopted structures and new build elements.

2 photos: The before and after photos of the re-development of the property on Quay St. Lane.

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