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I started working as a Structural Engineer two years ago. The road to structural engineering was a long and winding road, but aren’t they the more exciting roads? I have learned a lot these past few years and my technical skills have grown in abundance. Upon reflecting on what I have learned over the last two years, I’ve noted four key points that are important but not technical.

1. Communication is key.

Within any engineering discipline communication is vital. It is very important to have effective communication within the team and office. This ensures effective teamwork which in turn facilitates project deliveries. Communication within various disciplines on any given project is important; without this delays and mistakes can easily occur.

2. Keep asking questions.

This is a vital way of learning and when you have experienced staff to hand you can learn a lot from asking a question. Make sure you continue to ask questions and seek out answers.

3. Every day is a school day.

No two days have been the same over the last two years and everyday is an opportunity to learn more and more. One is constantly learning everyday no matter your experience level.

4. Mistakes help you learn.

We all make mistakes as it is human nature; however, we strive to avoid this. This can’t always be avoided, and its vital to learn from these mistakes. I have found that they can teach you more than you might think.

These are the aspects I believe will help one to learn, grow and to gain vital experience throughout ones career.

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