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Water is one of the most essential substances on earth, critical for human health, the production of food and for industrial activity. The provision of clean drinking water and a reliable wastewater service, in a manner that protects the natural environment, is critical to a country’s economic and social development.” – Irish Water Business Plan

TOBIN continues to be involved in a number of projects that are an integral part of Irish Water’s continued development and provision of clean drinking water and reliable wastewater service to the entirety of the country. Most recently, the team has been engaged in delivering some key projects for Irish Water ranging from untreated agglomerations and EPA actioned lists on the Wastewater side to remedial action lists on the water side. 

Throughout these projects, TOBIN has been engaged as a ‘Total Service Provider’ to our clients. Assisting in the development of projects from concept design, through the planning process, detailed design and construction stage detailed design. TOBIN has assembled a strong collaborative team for delivering key projects either directly or indirectly for Irish Water.

In-house, we contain resources across the design spectrum enabling us to provide a robust and thorough design solution for our clients. Our extensive internal resource pool with experienced process designers, MEICA designers and civil/structural engineers results in the provision of a ‘one-stop-shop’ Total Service Provider function where the full design scope of works is provided by TOBIN. 

A ‘one-stop-shop’ for design and consultancy allows the design process to run more smoothly and efficiently, as the resources and experience are in-house, allowing the team to meet when it is needed, not depending on other service providers for the development of the projects.

Further touching on the efficient delivery of works contracts for Irish Water, TOBIN has been engaged in the ECI Programmes on both sub lot 1A (Water) and sub lot 2A (Wastewater).

The ethos of the ECI Programme has been to allow Irish Water to generate significant efficiencies in terms of project delivery and project risk reduction by engaging the contracting entity at an earlier stage and with that offering them an opportunity to mitigate risk at a Feasibility Study stage, along with setting realistic construction timelines and also removing the tedious and time-consuming tender process.

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