Sinead O ReillySenior Ecologist - Environment & Planning

    Sinead O Reilly (M.Sc) is a Senior ecologist with TOBIN’s Environmental and Planning Division. She joined the company in 2020.

    She is a qualified and experienced consultant with over 10 years’ post-graduate experience in fisheries research and environmental consultancy in Ireland.

    Within TOBIN’s, Sinead has been involved in large public and private infrastructure projects where she carried out screenings for Appropriate Assessments, Natura Impact Statements, Invasive Species management plans and Ecological Impact Assessments for proposed developments.

    Sinead has a background in Fisheries Research and Freshwater Ecology. She has an Honours Degree in Zoology from UCD and also Research Masters with Glasgow University where she studied potential eradication methods on the invasive American Signal Crayfish. She has several years’ field experience working on the rivers, lakes, estuaries and canals across Ireland studying freshwater and marine fish and their habitats.

    She has extensive experience and valuable skills in freshwater research including fish sampling methodologies such as electrofishing and netting, data collection, data management, laboratory & data analysis. She has carried out several aquatic surveys that require kick samples, RHAT surveys and calculating Q values for the rivers and streams. This includes collecting and recording relevant aquatic biota, plant surveys, physical habitat variables of the survey locations and habitat assessment.

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