Jarek MajkusiakEcologist/Ornithologist - Environment & Planning

    Jarek is a graduate of Atlantic Technological University with a Master’s Degree in Research. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor with Honours degree in Outdoor Education from Atlantic Technological University. Jarek studied Natural Resource Management at WCU in North Carolina, USA for a year.

    Since 2019, he has been leading the world’s most advanced research into the breeding biology and conservation of the Common Swift. Jarek actively contributed to numerous conservation projects, including the Lough Carra Catchment Association and Swift Conservation Ireland by conducting bird and pollinator population surveys. He has also worked as a surveyor for Birdwatch Ireland.

    In 2024, Jarek joined TOBIN, where he collaborates with senior staff to enhance his skills in the field of ecology.

    Beyond his career in ecology, Jarek is an adventurer who, in a previous role, led wilderness expeditions and facilitated activities such as rock climbing, cliff diving, and kayaking.

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