Gift MzembeDesign Engineer - Building & Infrastructure

    Gift recently joined TOBIN’s Building & Infrastructure Divisions as a Design Engineer in the Galway Office. He is a qualified and certified Design Engineer specialising in roads, water, drainage, and wastewater infrastructure and is in partial fulfilment of a Master of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering with the University of Witwatersrand. Gift’s experience is not limited to project design but extends to health and safety, contract administration and project management in both residential and commercial settings. With 4 years of experience complementing his competencies, he is a highly analytical, and innovative engineer, diligently dedicated to improving quality, production, and client satisfaction.

    Aside from work, Gift enjoys cycling, soccer, and touring and has recently developed a passion for the gym. As an optimistic individual who continuously strives to improve himself and others, Gift likes engaging in dynamic industries to identify problems and solve challenges communities face.

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