TOBIN Consulting Engineers was the Lead Consultant providing Project Management, Civil & Structural Engineering, Building Services (M&E), Quantity Surveying and PSDP Services, as well as acting as Employer’s Representative through to Handover Stage.

Works consisted of upgrade and refurbishment works to Shannon Airport, which included complete refurbishment works to the Arrivals Hall, Immigration Hall, and Transit Lounge. These consisted of constructing new entrances including all associated glazing works, demolition and construction of new offices, development of new retail space and children’s play facility, replacement of existing curtain walling and cladding system, upgrade of existing toilet areas and upgrade of duty-free retail space.

Works to upgrading the existing fire safety in the building consisted of Fire Alarm Upgrade Works, installation of new fire doors and shutters, interfacing carousels, fire-rated compartmented walls and floors, and fire suppression.

This project was completed in a live 24-hour operational airport over seven phases, with interaction and cross-over with the customer / general public between the seven phases which proved to be highly challenging.

Access to the works areas was restricted with TOBIN having to adhere to strict health and safety rules of operation and strict security guidelines at all times.

A Building Management System was introduced for light control and heat and cooling control with low maintenance finishes.

Services provided by TOBIN Consulting Engineers on this project:

 Civil Engineering               Structural Engineering              PSDP              Project Management

Quantity Surveying & Cost Management        Contract Administration        Assigned Certifier

  Planning Assistance Consultancy Services      Fire Safety & Disability Access Certificate

The M&E upgrade works included:


  • Heating, Ventilation
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Water services and drainage
  • Assessment of existing plant & utility capacities with a view to reusing where possible.
  • LPHW heating – general areas.
  • Energy optimisation for all services
  • Fire Suppression System


  • 400V, 230V installation
  • General lighting services
  • Electrical earthing services
  • Fire alarm and emergency lighting
  • Security, door access control and CCTV services

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