Following the publication of the Speed Limits Review 2013 and the publication of the Guidelines for Setting and Management of Speed Limits in Ireland, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport issued Circular Letter RSD 01/2015 in April 2015 directing all Local Authorities and TII to carry out a full review and update of all speed limits across the country in accordance with the new Guidelines. TOBIN Consulting Engineers was appointed under an existing TII Framework Agreement, as one of two teams working in parallel on the Review on the National Road network across the country.

Scope of Services

Review of all speed limits along the National Road network in accordance with the Guidelines for Setting and Management of Speed Limits in Ireland (2015) under the above contract:

  • Project Administration;
  • Review of the 12 counties speed limits;TII Speed Limit Review
  • Develop methodology and process for speed limit review on National Roads;
  • Process and assess existing geometry and current speed limits of National Roads;
  • Manage third parties carrying out speed surveys;
  • Determine the speed limit alternations in accordance to the guidelines;
  • Draft and issue speed limit proposal maps to each Local Authority;
  • Review of all signage of junctions with the MMaRC areas;
  • Liaison and consultation with Local Authorities, Gardai and TII to review and finalise alternations to the speed limits;
  • Manage public and stakeholder queries and changes to designs Draft National Road Byelaws for provision to Local Authorities;
  • Final designs presentation;
  • Preparation of schedules of changes to speed limit signage;
  • Liaison and consultation with National Road Maintenance Contractors for implementation of design;
  • Coordinating with the Road Safety Auditing team;
  • Commission, administration, quality control, and billing.

Services provided by TOBIN Consulting Engineers on this project:

Roads & Transportation Engineering

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