Project Alexion involved the provision of a resilient, clean water supply in the Blanchardstown area. The new main has been upsized to allow for more customers to connect in future without the need to construct a new water main. This significantly reduces the scope of construction works required going forward.

The project also included provision for the reduction of flooding along the 9C sewer. Telemetry was provided to ensure that no discharges were made to the sewer during times of flood events. Retaining flow at that time determined the ultimate reduction of instances the overwhelmed 9C sewer overflowed to surrounding watercourses.

This project involved the installation of over half a kilometre of watermain to connect Alexion to the water network. Our design included trenchless technology, open cut trenching and ‘lift and lay’ installation methods. The project also included the provision of a radio link to instruct our customer to retain sewer flows while the 9C sewer was flooded.

The preferred construction methodologies we implemented were chosen for several reasons, most notably to ensure a reduction of waste materials that was generated from the works. The trenchless installations ensured that the existing pipework and associated bedding materials, backfill and road surface remained undisturbed both during and after the project.

Furthermore, we opted wherever possible to install the new main along an existing alignment, this meant clearly defining and minimizing the works’ footprint. The works were also programmed to minimise traffic disruption and any associated increases in the emission of harmful gases.

Additionally, it goes without mentioning that the pipeline was a fully welded PE pipe. This material was selected due to its demonstrated long service life with minimal maintenance and repair requirements. As a result, we have achieved material and energy savings over the lifespan of the pipeline.

To summarise, the works we completed on Project Alexion facilitated the development of the Fingal area particularly within the pharmaceutical sector. This project has encouraged organic growth of a specialist workforce in the locality and as time passes, the upsizing of this water main will facilitate further economic development in the area, with associated socio-economic benefits.

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