TOBIN Consulting Engineers was appointed as Client’s Representative for the Stage 5 expansion of the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant. The expansion, with a capital cost of approximately €30 million, included the construction of a state of the art “stand-alone” facility, on a site adjacent to the existing treatment infrastructure with a capacity of 80Ml/d plant which, when combined with the existing facilities (175Mld), brought the total potential peak capacity of the entire plant to 225Ml/d.

This total capacity has served up to one-third of the demand in the Greater Dublin Region, and has effectively provided the planning headroom for the Shannon Project.

The new Stand-Alone Water Treatment Plant was constructed within the curtilage of a  new building with overall dimensions of 90m x 43m and an overall height of 10m with a separate annex (12m x 12m) used to house a number of non-process elements.

The fabric of the buildings was designed to present a high-quality appearance and a high degree  of integration where the selection of the materials was of paramount importance in ensuring the mal necessity for significant maintenance to the fabric or structure of the building all with a view of having a design life of not less than 50 years.

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