Galway City Council, as the Authority responsible for the upkeep of Galway City’s public infrastructure, undertook a project for the overall regeneration of Galway City Centre’s public realm. The scheme was required to rejuvenate and upgrade this primary retail and tourism destination. The project works have dramatically improved both pedestrian and vehicular movement, enhancing shoppers, visitors, and the business community’s experience of Galway City.

Shop Street was primarily identified as requiring priority repairs and remediation as vehicle damage associated with goods deliveries had taken their toll on the pavement. Furthermore, maintenance works was needed to repair aging underground utilities and an overhaul of the fledging surface water drainage was both an essential, and immediate requirement. We also had to standardise the way-finding signage and enhance accessibility for people with disabilities.

As expected in such a busy space, interaction with directly affected properties / traders and the public during the two phases of work was ongoing and critical to in order to ensure the smooth running of this particular project.

TOBIN Consulting Engineers provided Project Management and Programming, full Engineering Design (drainage design, streetscape and pavement design), Employer’s Representative, Financial Management and Cost Control, Pre-Planning, the Procurement and Administration of third party investigative surveys, and PSDP duties. Planning service deliverables included Part 8 Planning including the provision of Cultural Heritage Reports and Traffic planning.

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