Following the intense flooding of the Dunkellin River in November 2009, TOBIN was appointed to design a scheme to alleviate flooding between Craughwell and Kilcolgan in County Galway.

The works consist of:

(1)    Channel deepening in Craughwell village to the confluence of the Aggard Stream

(2)   Local channel widening at Rinn Bridge

(3)   Out of channel maintenance downstream of the Rahasane Turlough to Rinn Bridge (i.e., limited to trimming back of terrestrial bank vegetation such as trees and low hanging branches and removal of encroaching vegetation such as brambles and scrub)

(4)   Channel widening from the Dunkellin Bridge to the N18.

In conjunction with the channel deepening works in Craughwell, construction works are currently underway to underpin or replace existing bridges in the village. New flood eyes at Rinn Bridge and Dunkellin Bridge to facilitate the two-stage channel widening works.

At Killeely Beg demolish the existing bridge structure, and construct a new clear span structure at the same location. Section 50 Applications were completed in September 2016 for each of the 7 bridges.

The project has gone through a number of stages from Stage 1 planning, Stage II design including all surveys, site investigations, topographical surveys, Archeological, AA screening, EIS, stakeholder engagements, oral hearing and is currently at construction where the bypass channel in Craughwell is currently under construction with a bridge being replaced.

Overall the scheme to date has expended €1million with an outturn cost expected t to be over €5million.

OPW is undertaking all construction works to date.

TOBIN continues to act as a lead design consultant, PSDP and temporary works design support where works are being undertaken by both the OPW and separate contractors for Bridge replacement works.

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