Irish Water is working in partnership with Donegal County Council to deliver the Donegal Countywide Watermains Rehabilitation Project as part of the ongoing Donegal Water Conservation Project Stage 3 Scheme. Following a reappraisal of the water main replacement priorities within Donegal, approx. 46km of mains replacement in 15 areas has been identified as priority works and is being advanced in two contracts.

The Employers’ Requirements were framed in such a way that waste generation during the construction phase was minimized. The Contractor is required to prepare a Waste Management Plan. In addition, he is obliged in his Monthly Reports to report on the tonnage of various waste streams generated and treatment /disposal routes implemented for all wastes generated.

The total amount of water which will be saved as a result of the replacement of old water mains that are prone to leakage and regular bursts on this contract is estimated at 100 million litres of water per year.

The works associated with the Contract are in close proximity to a number of European designated sites including Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs); a number of which support highly pollution-sensitive protected species including Atlantic salmon Salmo salar and freshwater pearl mussel (FWPM). The Works Requirements were compiled to ensure that the Contractor complies with all planning and environmental legislation during the proposed development to protect Atlantic salmon, FWPM, otter and other QI species. In addition, invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed were recorded along some of the pipeline sections, and specific management measures have been built into the Works Requirements to ensure that the contractor properly deals with this invasive species during construction.

Residents on the supply will experience improved water pressure, an improved water quality through a reduction in iron exceedances, and also a reduction in inconvenience to motorists due to long diversions resulting from burst repairs on or adjacent to local roads.



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