TOBIN Consulting Engineers are highly qualified and experienced in carrying out Appropriate Assessments Screening Reports and where required Natura Impact statements and have done so on a number of onshore/ offshore wind farms, solar farms, wastewater treatment plants and power generation projects.  The Appropriate Assessment process comprises four stages, with the first stage assessing the potential for likely significant effects of a plan or project, alone and/or in-combination with other plans or projects, on the conservation objectives of a European site(s). Where likely significant effects of a plan or project are identified as likely the project is progressed to Phase two of Appropriate Assessment and the potential for adverse effects on the integrity of a European site(s) is assessed both individually and in-combination with other plans and projects, in view of the site’s conservation objectives. Where adverse effects are identified, an assessment of the potential mitigation to ameliorate those effects is required.

If the assessment results in a negative conclusion, then the process must consider alternatives (Stage three) or proceed to Stage four. TOBIN Ecologists carry out the test of Appropriate Assessment using up to date scientific information relevant to the effect on the conservation objectives of the relevant European sites. TOBIN Ecologists also have a strong understanding of National and European legislation and are cognisant of relevant rulings by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) associated with Appropriate Assessment.

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