Safety & Health is a fundamental Core Value for TOBIN and forms an integral part of the culture of our company. We instill it in all our staff, at all levels of the organisation, and it is to the fore of all of our activities every day.

Safety & Health is firstly central to the wellbeing of our own people. Great service can only emerge from great workplaces, which are modern, open plan, well ventilated, climate controlled, with dedicated lighting, ergonomically designed workstations and with contemporary welfare facilitates. We believe that the management and balancing of the workload of our professionals leads to greater creativity and fulfilment in our working lives. We also actively plan for the safety of visitors to our offices, by induction and inclusion in our safety plan.

We recognise our opportunity, and our responsibility, to leverage our safety culture, to impact positively on the Safety & Health of persons in our projects.

TOBIN treats this as a primary objective, reaching down the chain to the safety of all people who come into contact with our projects. Not only do we meticulously embed safe operation in our designs but we also consider safe constructability, ongoing maintenance and future works, whether replacement, extension or demolition, as fundamental requirements. The TOBIN Safety Management System, covering all these categories of people, is a primary component of our Business Management System, and it is accredited by NSAI, to meet the requirements of ISO 45001:2018.

The safety of our people, our clients and the end-users and operators of facilities, which we have designed or project managed, is always to the fore. The TOBIN Quality Management System includes a Designer’s Safety Role Procedure (RM07) and PSDP Role Procedure (RM06). The Designer’s Safety Role Procedure defines TOBIN’s safety role as designer under the Construction Regulations. The PSDP Role Procedure describes the management, monitoring and control procedures in place for all design stages of a project, including any design during construction. These procedures have their foundations in over 60 years of design and construction / project management experience, experience brought to bear for the benefit of TOBIN and our clients alike.

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