Origins of our ValuesLike many success stories in the contemporary business-world, the initial start-up stages tend to have taken place in far more humble settings. This is, without doubt, the case for TOBIN Consulting Engineers. Patrick Tobin, the company’s founder, established the entity as we know it today back in 1952. Patrick carried with him, all the unmistakable traits of a true entrepreneur. Starting out as ‘one man’ operation, Patrick had a specific vision and set of standards that he was passionate about embedding in a high quality engineering consultancy practice.

At the core of this man’s vision was a commitment to excellence and a commitment to innovation within the engineering arena as we know it. To make this vision a reality, Patrick set his focus on building a team around him that were committed to this same vision and who also shared his specific values. Almost seven decades later, we still operate under these same guidelines and proudly maintain a strong family ethos in all of our operations across various business areas.

Patrick’s vision is firmly imprinted on the TOBIN operation today through formal recognition in our core values. These values include: Innovation, Sustainability, Commerciality, Health & Safety and People & Relationships. TOBIN’s complete operational output and corporate social responsibility is guided by these five core values. These strong traditions, so apparent from day one, are still laid bare to this day for all employees to absorb, and these are the mainstay of the TOBIN family atmosphere which has become synonymous with the company both in Ireland and the UK.

Being Irish owned and operated has meant that our company looks at more than just the job or project at hand for both their employees and their clients. There is a real and vested personal interest taken in all aspects of our daily work to make sure that our reputation, acquired over six successful decades, remains intact and in high regard throughout the industry for many more years to come.

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