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We are delighted to now formally launch our 70+ Strategic Plan: 2023-2026, which has its’ foundations in our first 70 years of business and builds on our significant growth in recent years. Our strategy has been designed to leverage the momentum of this recent expansion and transparently set out our future direction for all stakeholders to our business.

Our strategic plan reflects the collaborative efforts of our strategy development team, invaluable insights gained from engaging with our clients, our staff and wider stakeholder groups including partners and industry.

By explicitly defining our intentions, we believe that we will achieve our purpose, which is “the development of sustainable infrastructure”. We will do this by fostering enduring relationships with our clients, staff, and partners in accordance with our core values and the guiding principles of our business.

We invite you to now explore the detailed insights outlined in the publicly available document below. It covers our strategic focus across each of our four divisions, our people strategy and our growth strategy, which are incorporated into an overall ESG framework that we are committed to delivering. Your engagement with our strategic plan is very important to us and so please get in touch if there are aspects you would like to discuss further.

Pictured above are Ciaran McGovern – Managing Director, Michael Shelly – Chairman and Joan McGrath – Non-Executive Director 

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